get to know me meme: (1/5) favorite relationships → matty mckibben x jenna hamilton

Jenna: Thank you for being my hero:
Matty: It’s all I ever wanted to be.


Can we have an episode from Maty’s POV? I think I would really enjoy that.

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Glee Opening Night

-Tina I almost want you in NY….and haha to Mercedes taking Tina out telling her she’s staying @ her apartment
-Santana my baby I missed you please stay
-Aww she had a seat for Finn….she got a seat for Finn :’(
-Emma had the baby….exactly how many months has gone by? how much time has passed on Glee?
-I see Glee remembered that Sue married herself
-Fucking Glee…I felt like Blaine in Puppet Master when Brad talked, Glee you have to warm me beforehand and me crying at a flashback of Finn that was not cool
-the club scene looked like fun
-I have been mentally scarred….thank you Glee…and poor Kurt, sorry about your rove baby
-Of course it was going to ce a success I expect nothing less from Glee seeing how Choke happened already
-Aww they names the baby Daniel Finn Schuster….his middle name is Finn :’(
-I liked all the songs…overall good episode
-oh and the 5 seconds of Blaine Warbler….thank you for that Glee


even in the midst of a group hug blaine is looking for access to his fiancé’s face


glee/Klaine is Chris and Darren’s job. Darren is live twitting tonight. Weather he’s getting paid or not. He’s happy that your excited about Klaine. And you like their work. He doesn’t give a shit about Crisscolfer. He’s just doing his job and trying to help ratings simple as that. glee is a job…

Look i don’t give a shit about your discontent with CrissColfer shippers or love for Will & what’s her name i couldn’t give 2 fucks about them so can you please leave this out of the Klaine tag

decided to do something i haven’t done in a while….looks at the Haleb tag…yeah not a good idea, it still hurts…

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